Thursday, December 6, 2007

Economic Fall-Out Hits Home....

More fallout:

My company has decided to "restructure" salaries throughout -- although I am sure that "throughout" is a very subjective term.

I'll find out tomorrow whether this is something I can live with.

The problem is that when you voluntarily accept a pay cut and the company lets you go a few weeks later, any Unemployment Compensation is figured on the lower salary.

Maybe I can get them to agree to a better release package (extended health insurance?) for signing on with the lower salary.

Not holding out much hope, though.

This comes at an inconvenient time, as I am learning to cope with a larger group of responsibilities than I have ever had in my life. Now it looks like I'll be learning to cope on a much lower salary.


Chuck said...

REALLY sorry to hear about this. You and yours remain on our list, bro.

jackscrow said...

Thanks Chuck. I'm possibly regreting that full bathroom remodel right now.

But God is blessing us. My Sweetie's X-rays came back negative, though we are still waiting on some more tests.

I foresaw this (even a blind man, such as I), but I thought I had until February.

Oh well. Worse to worse, I can always work somewhere.

I've been paying attention to your recent articles.

My father was of the opinion that the US did not exist, at least in name in the end-times.

jackscrow said...

No changes for me now... at least until after the first of the year.