Friday, November 16, 2007

The Ol' Lefthander, rounding third and heading for home....

Joseph Henry Nuxhall
July 30, 1928 - November 15, 2007

As a child in West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky, I grew up listening to Marty and Joe.
Here is a part of the only piece of writing I have that references Joe Nuxhall.

Go on Joe, "Get up! Get up! Get outta here!".

Depression Era (Ref. Robert Herrick)

Scouting pottery
South, out of Zanesville
Shawnee, Corning
Down Route 13
What I do Saturday,
Sunday afternoons
Sneaking beer from the cooler
Hot stove league on the radio
Marty and it used to be Joe
I don’t collect myself
and don’t know much
But find what I can
and take it home to my Sweetie
.... (the rest at

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