Sunday, September 2, 2007

Buckeyes and Youngstown State, Michigan Upset, Cable Contracts, etc....

It's part of my personal tradition to listen to the Buck's games on the radio, unless it's the UofM game, or a bowl, so the Big-Ten Network crap is just background noise to me. But I do understand the upset. The Buckeyes are our property, they are a state-supported school, so all TV and Radio broadcasts should be free. End of argument.

On the UofM upset:

I was driving into Athens for Shrimp to make a salad for supper (goes really good with Bloody Mary), and I heard that Mike Hart had run them ahead. Then about five minutes later I heard that ASU had blocked the field-goal to win....

Gotta admit, I really loved it. Almost put my fist through the dash-board of the ol' jeep. Gave a whoop or two. Maybe three.

Then I had two thoughts, admittedly a lot for a Buckeye:

First, I hope Lloyd doesn't have a heart attack or stroke. And second, this can't be good for the Big-10.

On the Buckeyes, I was very disappointed with the O-Line and running game. The Power-O formation is about 10 years past it's prime. The running plays take way too long to hit the hole, and they have for several years. Even in the 2002 Championship year, we wouldn't have had any success, were it not for MC's ability to make the first man miss.

Additionally, when we can't push around a 1-AA team's defensive line, we are in trouble.

This worries me.


Chuck said...

My brother works for the student union at OSU. He wrote this ditty for the "Porcelain Post," a (literal) bathroom stall newsletter on campus:

Come and listen to my story 'bout Appalachian State
Young Mountaineers, Division I (double) A
For two straight years their football team was number one
But no ever fathomed they could do what they had done

To Michigan, that is...Big 10...Wolverines...

Well when the game started Maize and Blue was number five
But in the final seconds it was David and Goliath
The Big House thought a field would be all that they would need
But the Mountaineers had Corey Lynch to block the victory

Literally, that thirty-two...

jackscrow said...

I can hear that banjo a-bangin' right now.

the everybodyfields at Casa Cantina, in Athens, 11/15.


Chuck said... bro mentioned that he might try to make that show.

The new line-up with Josh Oliver on keys/electric guitar and Tom Pryor on pedal steel sounds "so good."

After so many personnel changes, Jill told us, "if any of these guys quit the band I will die!"